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Star Ocean icontests
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This is a community where Star Ocean icons battle one-on-one in an all out death match!!! Not really, people just make pretty icons and you vote on them, you know how it all works. XD Yes, well, since there was a lack of a Star Ocean one, me and remiem made this community, me because I'm Star Ocean obsessed, her because she likes making icons and stuff. XD Everyone is welcome to join, but if you do, please do something, even if you just vote, you're helping out, if you join and do nothing after a period of time, you'll probably be kicked out.

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Yes... we have RULES! Like everywhere. XD

1) Every week, one of us will pick a theme, by us, I mean me (raven_nox) or remiem, and you create icons with that theme in mind. We'll rotate, one of us will pick the theme and count the votes and make the banners and EVERYTHING for one week, and then the next week, the other does the same stuff with a new theme. XD We'll probably change this... I know it...

2) You can submit 1 or 2 icons per theme. No sneaking around to submit more with second accounts.

3) The icons MUST be something of Star Ocean. This goes for everything, the games, anime, and mangas, everything. If you're using Star Ocean 1, please say so, as Sis (damaged_wing... We call each other sis, get used to it. XD) hasn't played Star Ocean 1, and I've barely played any of it, so telling us it's SO1 would help A LOT.

4) All the icons must have something to do with the current theme, if it's not obvious how it fits, please, explain it.

5) Fanart IS allowed. You don't have to credit, but it's nice if you do.

6) In the submission post, please put the icon and the link to the icon, I don't mind hosting it for the contest, but Sis does (her bandwidth is really high right now and photobucket would kill her XD), so yeah.

7) A given: the icon must be made by you. You and you alone. No borrowing and "fixing." You may use a premade base, so long as it hasn't had any effects put onto it before you got it (except for auto-contrast, auto-levels, sharpening, despeckle, and auto-color correction of course) and you MUST credit the maker of the base.

8) The icon you submit must not have been used or released on the internet, it can be one that's been sitting on your hard drive forever for all I care, as long as it's Star Ocean, fits the theme, and hasn't be seen all over livejournal.com, or any where else, for that matter.

9) No hentai or anything. I'll take shounen-ai and shoujo-ai because Star Ocen has quite a bit of it, yoai and yuri are out though, meaning, you can have an icon with two of the male SO characters hugging or kissing or something, but nothing more.

10) The icon must be 100x100px or under, and 40kb or under.

11) And, I think that just about covers it. We'll be updating soon and when we get enough members, our first contest will start... I don't know who's doing the first one yet though. XD Just wait and see.

remiem, raven_nox

Banner Makers
remiem, raven_nox, chrnoangel

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Each time we will have the following categories:
Best overall: First place, second place, and third place (if there are only 3 icons, then only first will be awarded)
Best color: The best coloring, it doesn't have to be vibrant colors, just make it look nice.
Best adaptation: The character and icon that was put together best to match the theme. While this icon was not the best overall as maybe their skills weren't as good, the person had a good idea and picked the right character(s) to use.
Most creative: Again, it doesn't have to be the best, it just has to be put together in a way that was more creative than the others or in a more unique style.
Mod's choice: Either both me and sis get to decide, or whoever's running this week's competition will pick the icon that they like best and it will get the mod's choice award.

Please place your votes like this (with the numbers of the icons you like instead):
Best overall: 01, 02, 03
Special category: 04

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Let us know in the comments of the most recent post if you'd like to affiliate with us. We'll be more than happy to. If you are submitting an icon, please put it in a comment seperate from the one that the icon is in. Makes things easier on us. ^_^

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A list of the past themes here.

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(please upload these to your own server if you can):